The Why: Why CEDAW for Companies?

Social Responsibility

With a record number of companies increasing their Corporate Social Responsibility presence, signing on to the United Nations Global Compact, and pledging to participate with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the time is now to move gender equality forward.


Your vibe attracts your tribe. Do your part to cooperate towards goals that 193 member states and over 13,000 corporate participants have committed to at the United Nations Global Compact.


Policy is tried and true, tested and debated, and backed by the powerful forces of the United Nations and its 193 member states. All the writing is there for you, now your company should decide how to adopt it and leverage it to build a more sustainable workplace.


A diversity & inclusion strategy needs the right bench marking to know whether or not programs or initiatives are effective. Why not track them against high level policy that governments and cities use globally?